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How should I prepare my cedar deck before staining?


Weather-wise preparation list for decks

Optimally wood should be air dried and/or acclimatized for 2 weeks or more prior to preparation and finishing.

1. Sand lumber all 6 sides to remove any contaminates and mill glaze with 50-60 grit sand paper.

2. Wipe lumber clean of dust.

3.Apply stain by brush, roller, or sprayer to all 6 sides with the grain of the wood.

4.Back brush all runs and puddles.

5. Wait the recommended time between coats.

6.Do a light sand between coats with a medium to fine sand paper.

7.Wipe away the dust. 8.Apply znd coat by brush, roller, or sprayer with the grain of the wood.

9.Wait recommended time before next coat or foot traffic.

10.Enjoy your new deck! If the above list is not followed the possible warranty on stain may be jeopardized.